Standard License

This is the standard license that comes with our Clip Art Membership and the purchase of any of our stand alone clip art products.  If you require more options than this license allows you can purchase our whole store extended license from the shop!

Standard License Terms of Use

Our standard License requires a link back to our shop. 

Please use a credit link in your resource. Credit our TPT store or our website 

Need our logo? Check out this page on our website for a high-resolution copy of our circle logo. 
Hi-Res Logo

Our Standard License allows you to use our art on items you sell up to 500 times, if you'd like this limitation lifted you can purchase our WHOLE STORE EXTENDED LICENSE.

What can I make by just purchasing your clip art?

- You can make absolutely ANYTHING for your own PERSONAL or classroom use.
- If you are going to be selling your products/resources you can use our clip art on PRINTABLE resources INCLUDING task cards! Please flatten your resource files so the images cannot be easily extracted.
- Coloring Pages and other similar activities are OK IF they are included in a unit of study. Read the F.A.Q below for clarification on that if needed.
- Blog/Website Design (With Credit)
-Recoloring our Black and White Clip Art to use in one of your resources is absolutely fine. Just don’t resell them as Clip Art and you are good! 

What IS NOT allowed with our clip art?

- You cannot resell our clip art as is or as part of another clip art set.
- Please do not SHARE our clip art.
- Please don’t claim our artwork as your own. If you’d like to use our work without credit you can purchase our EXTENDED LICENSE.
- You can't use our clip art for Print on Demand shops like zazzle and cafe press unless you purchase the Extended License.

Check out our Extended License for other ways you can use our art. If it isn’t included here it is probably included with the Extended License!

Keepin’ It Kawaii retains all copyrights to our artwork, you are purchasing a single-user license to use our clip art on your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (Mainly for Teacher Authors!)

Can I make Task Cards?

Yes, absolutely, no restrictions here! My sister is a SPED teacher and I know how important image based activities are. 

Can I make Coloring Pages?

Yes and no. This one is a little tricky. Since a coloring page is basically just the clip art image being resold I’ve decided to allow this in certain circumstances with our standard license. Basically, if you are needing a coloring page to include in a “unit” of study or a bundle of other resources on a certain topic then feel free. I just require that the coloring pages not be the only thing for sale. I hope this makes sense!

Bundling with other resources is the key to this one. 

If you would like to sell Coloring Pages as a resource all their own you can purchase our Extended License that opens up this option as well as a few others.

Can I make tracing pages, color by number and similar activities?

Yes and no. This one is exactly the same as the coloring page rule. See above.

Can I make posters and classroom decorations?

Yes, but not under our standard license. We require that you purchase our Extended Use License for this one. We only require it for decor because the clip art usually becomes the major focus of the product. 

Can I use your clip art in DIGITAL resources?

Yes, but not with the standard license. We require that you purchase our Extended Use License for this one. This includes use for Boom Learning, Google Drive activities, and other similar services. Once you have purchased the license you can use our clip art without restriction on any of these services. Including moving pieces. The only requirement is a credit link back to our shop. 

How does the EXTENDED LICENSE work?

Our extended license is sold for our Entire Archive of past and present clip art. So you will only need to purchase it once to cover yourself for all of the extended uses!

So that is basically it, I allow my clip art to be used on most anything for educational purposes. Some things require the extended license but I feel it is very reasonably priced and I hope you agree! 

Other questions? Feel free to send me a message or shoot an email to